Fishtown Café Menu & Hours


We are very excited to be bringing you tasty creations from the in-house kitchen, baking, and pastry crew at our Fishtown café (1335 Frankford Ave.)! We’ll be providing a full menu everyday from 11AM – 4PM, which you can view below.

There will be a variety of freshly baked breads (baguettes, Ciabatta, sourdough, brioche, whole wheat, pumpernickel, fig hazelnut, and challah) and pastries (cookies, scones, muffins, tarts, cakes, etc.) to go along with our beloved classic coffee blends, rare single origins, and espresso drinks.

We are also now serving beer, wine, and rum, and we’ll be having cheese boards available during Happy Hour MON – FRI from 5PM – 7PM with half off all beers, selected wines, and rum.

Aren’t you glad that you can now finally get all these great items under one roof in Fishtown?

Fishtown Café Hours
FRI & SAT: 7AM – 10PM
SUN: 7AM – 5PM


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4 Comments on Fishtown Café Menu & Hours

  1. Joan Wetmore // October 27, 2014 at 1:44 am // Reply

    Discovered your cafe today, and love it! We need you in Saint Michaels.


  2. Went to LC Fishtown yesterday jonesin’ for some delish food. Turns out, many items aren’t available betw. 4-5pm, and some also not avail. after 5pm, even on Sat. when they’re open till 10pm! Reason? “We’re not really a restaurant, just a cafe.” I call BS!! Either serve food, or don’t. One of the few ‘food’ items available was a P&J sandwich…WTF!!!


  3. Best Cafe in Philly!


  4. Best Cafe. PERIOD!!


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