There’s a moment every year when you feel Autumn settle in and set its roots. It’s officially fall, and while we live and breathe coffee all year long, the seasonal shift is a great time to show some love for tea.

There are 3 teas from our new collection that are pure fall, in both aromas and tastes: Hojicha Green Tea, Ruby Oolong Tea and Ancient Pu-erh Tea. We don’t mix in spices and syrups – these teas have fall flavors tucked right in their leaves.

Set aside some quiet moments, find a window full of autumn light, and see how fall can be captured in a cup. Encircle the warm cup with both hands (our version of fall mittens), take a second to soak in the aromas and hue, and take a sip of fall.

Ruby Oolong Tea

At its origin in Thailand, this highly oxidized oolong tea is slowly baked to coax out notes of woodsy cedar and stewed pear. The gentle sweet and tart notes come through when the leaves are slightly caramelized during baking. Smooth and soothing, this reddish, amber colored steep glows in afternoon fall light.

Hojicha Green Tea

Made from roasted tealeaves and stems from the autumn and winter harvests in Japan, this green tea has a depth of flavor and scent that is unparalleled. With notes of roasted barley and nutty sesame, this tea is perfectly paired with a square of dark chocolate for a fall afternoon pick-me-up.

Ancient Pu-erh Tea

Grown in the remote mountain villages in the southern Yunnan province of China, the Ancient Pu-erh Tea blend is full-bodied, smooth, and supremely earthy. Multiple vintages of leaves are sun-dried and ripened using the handcrafted fermentation method of leaf piling. This artisanal process develops savory notes of shiitake mushrooms and slight oceanic aromas of toasted nori. A tea with substantial body and flavor, it pairs perfectly with a grilled cheese sandwich. Yep, you read that right.

Fall never lasts long enough, so steep yourself in the cooler weather and golden light. And when the weather turns again, we’ll have your winter teas & tisanes ready for you. Learn more about La Colombe Tea & Tisane here.



  1. None of these teas compare to Yerba Mate not even Green tea. Yerba Mate is the only tea on the planet that could be considered a coffee replacement.

  2. I wanted to read more about the teas and I found an LC tea tasting review online under the name, Penn Appetit, and, it might be helpful for anyone that’s also a beginner.

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