Sachet: (n.) not your average tea bag.

We spent months curating a new tea program that would complement our longstanding, beloved coffee program, and we left no leaf unturned. We considered every detail, every blend ingredient, every brewing step, every aspect of how we would deliver our new teas to you – including and especially the tea bags. Rather than opt for a traditional paper tea bag, we selected a premium, pyramid-shaped sachet that is both biodegradable and compostable. The loose knit mesh is corn-based, and the open shape allows the water to flow through the tea, evenly extracting the leaves by giving ample room for them to expand and release their full flavors. We skipped a string and tag in order cut down on waste, and it’s easy to pluck these sachets out by their corner or with a spoon. After that first steep, keep the sachet around! The 2nd cup is just as tasty as the first.



    1. Hey Alice, we also do loose leaf teas in our cafes! But sachets are very handy, and if they can be made eco-friendly, all the better.

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