With hot weather, comes refreshing drinks. Lucky for you it’s National Iced Tea Month and we’re sharing these two methods to help you make your best chilled steeps yet.


Iced Tea 101

First up, a flash chill method that gives meaning to less is more. We’re making a hot tea concentrate and shaking it up over ice (no more watered down iced tea).


  1. Place two tablespoons of loose tea or two tea sachets in a tea cup, like our glass Brew-In-Cup
  2. Heat 4oz of water & steep (temp and time based on tea type)
  3. Fill a pint mason jar 3/4 of the way with ice cubes
  4. Pour hot tea into the jar, seal the lid alright and shake for a minute until most of the ice has melted and the tea is super cold. Enjoy!


Cold Brew 101

We’re practicing the art of patience with a cold brew chill out (hint: let it steep while you sleep).

Chilled water extracts different flavors tucked within a tea leaf, which means you’re left with a smoother and less bitter brew. While any tea will work we love the nuanced flavors of our Ruby Oolong (the tightly coiled leaves slowly unfurl).


  1. Add two tablespoons of tea (or two of our tea sachets) to the infuser of our Hario teapot (or another pot that can hold 16oz). 
  2. Fill the teapot with 14oz of cold water and cover with the lid
  3. Place in the refrigerator to infuse for 4-8 hours (depending on the tea type and your flavor preference)
  4. Remove the tea leaves and enjoy! Don’t forget to save the leaves for a second cold brew session.


Iced Tea Extra Credit:

  • Want a stronger flavor? Don’t steep it longer (making it bitter), just add more tea.
  • Cool down your sip without watering it down by using frozen berries instead of ice cubes
  • Leftover tea? Freeze it in an ice cube try and add it to tomorrow’s brew
  • Save your loose tea and sachet after the first glass and give it a second steep for an extra cup
  • Give your cold brew a flavor lift by infusing fresh summer fruit and herbs


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