La Colombe wouldn’t be La Colombe without the amazing people who make our cafes go each and every day. The folks who greet you in the morning, who make that delicious daily latte, and who make sure your day is a little bit brighter.

We want to take some time to acknowledge those people. The folks who have gone above and beyond in their work. Baristas, a Cafe Manager, and a Cafe that have best exemplified La Colombe’s values. While everyone in service deserves all the accolades in the world, these are the inaugural recipients of our One Dove Award winners, as nominated by their peers. 

The leadership and team at Chicago’s Gold Coast Cafe are the gold standard of world-class hospitality.  The level of care, grace, and attention to the fine details of service are stunning, and they regularly break market transaction and sales records week after week. 

Cat, Effie, and Jules lead the charge and are remarkable examples of cafe leadership.  The entire team, exudes our one dove pillars of kindness, cleanliness, efficiency, deliciousness, and respect. If anyone wants to see a live example of what genuine, warm, and efficient hospitality looks like – come visit this cafe.  They rock.

– Evan Devries, Chicago GM

Angie has been with La Colombe for 15 years!  She has been a powerhouse as a manager.  Her cafe is the pinnacle of La Colombe culture and hospitality, and the Tribeca cafe would not be what it is today without her. Great staff and absolutely spotless. One of the hardest working managers we’ve ever had the privilege of working with.  Her recognition is well-deserved.

– Greg Smith, NYC/BOS GM

When we first re-opened Rittenhouse after the pandemic forced us to close, Zoe was the first barista waiting at the door to jump on the bar. She crushes lines, leads by example, and follows through. She is a responsible, and well-mannered colleague, and a budding leader. There is no doubt that she will move on to do bigger things in the company.

– Gus Laessig, Philadelphia GM

Um, have you met Nina? She is an absolute joy! She is a dependable, skilled, and loyal member of our team. She is cool-headed, patient, honest, and hardworking. We’re better because of her influence.

– Gus Laessig, Philadelphia GM

Rigoberto has been a lead at Bryant Park since before Covid and is an absolutely stellar human and barista.  He’s one of the rocks of this cafe and deserves every ounce of recognition.  His calming presence and hard work truly contribute to the awesomeness of the cafe.

– Danbi Lee, Bryant Park Cafe Manager

Dafne has blossomed into an outstanding barista, a caring co-worker, and a staple of the hospitality we have here at Gold Coast.  She is kind and thoughtful with all of our regular guests and is helpful and patient with folks who have never had our coffee before.   She strives every day to serve quality drinks and has recently taken on bar responsibilities with grace and an insatiable curiosity. Dafne cares for her fellow baristas not only with hard work but is the first to say thank you.  Dafne embodies what it means to be a Dove and, and her cafe manager Cat is so proud and humbled to have such a person on the team.

– Cat Hamilton-Tekautz, Gold Coast Cafe Manager

Rashad is the lead barista at the Chinatown cafe in DC. He is a super chill skater outside of work, and he definitely brings a little bit of that mellow, balanced energy to the cafe. He adapts well to new concepts and is quick on his feet. Rashad tries to go the extra mile to make sure customers leave a little happier than when they came in. We appreciate his help in leading the rest of the crew day in and day out with kindness and understanding

– Alex Trujillo, Chinatown Cafe Manager

Aby is the longest-standing barista in the Boston market. In addition to their experience, Aby has proven to be integral to the team, having worked at both Boston cafes. They lead through example in excellence of coffee knowledge, preparation, and hospitality. If something goes wrong, Aby is the first to notice and the first to find a solution, and their strong presence is greatly appreciated by all their coworkers.

– Josh Lind, South Station Cafe Manager

The Century City cafe in LA has had the distinct pleasure of having Jenn Guerra as a member of the team for the better part of the last three years.  Her bright vibrant personality made her an instant customer favorite.  She understands the pace and the flow, the needs of the customers, and the ways she can support her coworkers.  She approaches every team member and guest with patience, kindness, and professionalism.  Her ability to identify an issue, communicate it, and find a solution is crucial to the cafe.  She’s never not moving. She always finds something to do and takes the time to teach thoroughly and thoughtfully.  Jennifer Guerra is, without a doubt, among the best of the best.

– Doryvette Franco, Silver Lake Cafe Manager

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