Mystified by the French Press? Todd’s got you covered. In this video, he’ll walk you through the finer points of brewing at home with a French Press. Get ready to geek out.




    1. @BigBen yep, pretty much! Although if you want to be super precise, it’s probably best to measure the water by weight and also when you’re pouring it into the french press. 17mL at 39 degrees may be 17g, but at 212 degrees, 17mL would be 16g.

  1. So is the grind for this more of a medium to medium-fine grind? I tried this using the lowest of the coarse settings (13 of 16) on my conical burr grinder (capresso infinity) and it came out very watery and weak. Please advise, I’m dying for a good french press method.

    1. We generally recommend going more coarse for French press. How hot was your water and how long did you let it brew for? It might be that you need to let it extract longer, but by all means, play around with a finer grind to get the body you’re looking for!

  2. What is the grind setting you use for coarse? I also have the same Baratza grinder and usually use 30 for French press but wanted some other opinions.

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