You can’t watch the new season of Dangerous Grounds yet…but you can taste it! The show is airing again later this spring and we’re getting psyched up with some of Todd’s favorite coffees from the upcoming season.


Odyssey is Todd’s love letter to Paris, the city that inspired his business goals. This year, he challenged himself to create a blend that would win over the hearts of the classical French purists. Odyssey is a medium-roasted coffee with flavor notes of Syrah, brown sugar, and tobacco.

Esmeralda Geisha, from the Boquete region of Panama, has a lemony acidity and floral qualities. This Geisha is from Hacienda La Esmeralda, an exceptional coffee farm known for its rare varieties.

Zambia Mbuni is a testament to the resilience and innovation of coffee farmers around the world. Despite severe drought over the last two decades, Mbuyu farm has developed a unique irrigation and processing system. The coffee cherries are dried on the tree before being picked, creating a wine-like sweetness when roasted.

This unique tube set should tide you over until the new season starts. You can order the new Dangerous Grounds coffees here:

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  1. When will the new season start? And why so long of a wait. Awesome Show. I hope everything is going well with Todd Carmichael.

  2. I’ve been patiently awaiting season 3. What’s going on? I saw that it was suppose to air Feb 26th, but I’ve been looking and found nothing. Is it going direct to DVD, if so, I am ready to buy. Hope he is ok.


  3. I emailed the Travel Channel & received this response: “Regrettably, a season 3 of Dangerous Grounds is not currently scheduled. Please contact us toward the middle of May and we will be happy to check on the status for you!”

  4. Wow, that’s disappointing! This show is wonderful! We’ve really been looking forward to the new season and Todd’s adventures.

  5. Greetings,

    I just received this update:

    Please accept our sincere apology for the delay in getting back to you with this response.

    At this time, no additional information is available regarding season 3 of Dangerous Grounds. Please contact us toward the beginning of August and we will be happy to check on the status for you!

    Best regards,

    Travel Channel Customer Support

  6. As a coffee lover this was a brilliant show. A lot of my shows are being canceled. There is just too many other things one can do then just sit in front of the television and watch actual tv like i did 70-90. When cable came out it was expensive and we couldn’t afford it. I still cant afford the monthly payment for most of the cool channels.

  7. I think the Travel Channel is really missing the boat. DDangerus Grounds is an incredibly entertaining and informative show for us coffee lovers.

  8. Travel channel, when will “dangerous grounds” coming back for a new season???? Please soon please!!! Thank you

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