Presenting Perfection: The Perci Geisha

Perci-Geisha-2web We’ve got something really special for you. From one of the most experimental and important coffee farms in the world, this Perci Geisha lot has altered our expectations of what coffee can be. Tasting notes of apricot, strawberry, peach, and vanilla blend together in one of the rarest and most unique coffees you’ll ever try. Seriously.

NinetyPlus Estate is a respected leader in ecologically-produced, boutique coffees. They bend the taste of coffee to their will, creating a range of flavors such as fruits, flowers, and spices. One of our lightest roasts, the floral brightness of this coffee makes it almost seem like a tea. A strong, badass tea.

Todd chose the Perci Geisha for the 2014 US Brewers Cup, and his second place finish was a testament to how special this coffee is. This weekend, our Chicago Roaster James Gibbs will be brewing the Perci in the U.S. Coffee Championships.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime coffee. It’s fancy and luxurious, but you don’t have to stick your pinky out to drink it. Enjoy this rare, beautiful, flavorful coffee at home, with leisure:



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