cherriesWhat does Todd do with the best cup of coffee in the world? He tries to make it better.

Hacienda la Esmeralda, Panama’s most famous coffee farm, introduced the coffee industry to the wonders of the geisha coffee variety. Seeking an even more exclusive bean, Todd visited Hacienda la Esmeralda and personally staked out an area of coffee trees that didn’t even have fruit on them yet. He asked owner Rachel Peterson to use the “Honey” processing method to bring even more sweet geisha flavor to this exclusive La Colombe harvest.


It’s called “Honey” coffee because some of the coffee cherry is dried on the beans, imparting an earthy sweetness to a geisha already bursting with floral and citrusy aromas. But the process can be risky. Honey or full natural geisha coffees are especially rare, as many farmers want to take no chances with their valuable geisha harvests. When Todd roped off his trees, Rachel looked at him like he was crazy (Who, Todd?) and told him, “No.”

Luckily, Todd was able to convince her and his risk paid off. The result is the Panama Honey Geisha, an extraordinary play of elderflower, dates, and crème brulee tasting notes, backed by the silky sweetness of the Honey process. Pre-release quantities are limited, so order your taste of this exclusive harvest today.


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