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If you’ve seen the glass Silverton brewers on the counters of our shops, they look kind of like a science experiment. They are definitely a piece of Coffee Geek equipment. They’re our go-to brewer for pour overs and we’ve got a great trio of coffees available on Silvertons this month: The Panama Honey Geisha, the Zambia Mbuni, and the Panama Esmeralda Geisha.

Pour over brewers allow gravity to do the main work of brewing as hot water flows over coffee grounds into a cup, Chemex, etc. In contrast, an immersion brewer steeps the grounds in hot water before filtering them out (like a French Press). As a hybrid between a pour-over brewer and immersion brewer, a Silverton allows for more control over brew time and extraction.

We like Silvertons for our single-origin pour overs because they have double metal and wire mesh filters. To that we add a paper filter in order to brew a really clean cup that highlights a coffee’s unique flavors. Silvertons are perfect for bringing out the delicate notes of rare coffees like our Panama Honey Geisha.

Look out for future posts with Silverton brewing tips. In the meantime, shoot any questions you might have to

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