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One of the most important pieces of Coffee Geek home brewing equipment is a good, dependable scale. Brewing with the right amount of coffee grounds is crucial to making a tasty cup. Plus, using a scale when you brew just makes your life easier:

1. Speed up your morning routine. No more eye-balling or adjusting ratios. If you’re new to home brewing, starting with a scale will make it easier to develop and stick to your morning brewing routine.

2. Brew coffee you can count on. The main benefit of using a scale to brew is consistency. By using exact measurements and set ratios, you know your coffee will taste great every single morning.

3. Save coffee…and money. Most people use waaay too much coffee in their home brewing. By measuring out the grounds, you’ll likely save a little money on all the coffee you conserve!

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  1. I’ve only just begun home brewing coffee and have been looking around for a little help, so thank you for the informative post. I hadn’t really considered using a scale to measure the amount of coffee I use, but you do bring up some great points. I really like the one about being able to brew consistent batches of coffee. I guess the next step for me is going to have to be finding a reliable scale!

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