This month, we have an exciting line-up of specialty coffees available on our Silverton bars. Silvertons are an innovative brewing device that produce a clean, bright cup of coffee. We use them for our pourovers because they really showcase the distinct flavors of our single-origin coffees.

Here’s what’s on our Silverton bars for June:

Zambia Mbuni – Notes of Sweet Sherry, Dried Berry, and Fresh Tobacco

Panamanian Esmeralda Geisha – Notes of Orange Blossom, Jasmine, and Bergamot

Yemen Marqaha – Notes of Sangria, Lime, and Cane Sugar

silverton-2Come in today to try our single-origin pourovers! The following La Colombe cafes currently feature Silverton bars:


– Rittenhouse

– Fishtown


– Hudson Square

– NoHo


– West Loop

– Andersonville


– Blagden Alley

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