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Our lead Workshop roaster James Tooill is headed to Sweden for the World Cup Tasters Championships! We are immensely proud and simultaneously jealous. Since James can’t stuff us all in his suitcase, we’re going to stage a friendly little coffee-tasting competition of our own.

These competitions involve tasting multiple sets of 3 cups of coffee and determining which cup contains a different kind of coffee from the other two. It’s literally just like that Sesame Street song, “One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other.” After tasting the coffees, competitors push the different one across a line to indicate their choice. It’s called “triangulation” and it’s hilarious to watch, because in addition to accuracy, competitors are graded on speed. Imagine people rapidly slurping and spitting coffee while they move down a row of cups.

For this Friday’s public cupping at 1pm, we’re going to practice triangulation! You’ll learn how to hone your taste buds and determine which coffee is different from the rest of the set. The cupping is free and our Coffee Geeks will guide you through tasting and experiencing the coffees. See you then!


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