Paper or Mesh? Find Your Filter.

paper filter-1

The way you filter your home brew can make or break your morning cup. As you get your daily coffee routine down to a science, you might want to experiment with different filtration methods to see which one you prefer.

There are two main ways to filter your coffee: paper and mesh. Paper filters make for a clean cup with no sediment and a lighter body. Clean up is easy: you just pull the filter and toss it on the compost heap. If you use paper filters and notice a papery taste to your coffee, wet the filter with water before you add the coffee and brew.

mesh filter-1Mesh or cone filters are cool because they’re reusable and long-lasting. They generally let through a bit more sediment than paper filters, so your brew will have a fuller body when you drink it. While most home brewers probably use paper filters, you can find a mesh or cone filter that fits most pourover brewers.

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