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We have a new blend and we’re waxing philosophical about it.

When you cook a dinner of locally grown, seasonal vegetables, you know that the great taste is thanks to not only your chef skills, but to the farmer who grew the food. It’s the same with coffee. Quality starts at origin and, for us, it’s important to give credit where credit is due: with the farmer. With our new Origins blend from La Colombe Workshop, we’re aiming to do just that.

Farmers work hard to develop distinct flavors in their high-quality coffee varieties. For years, coffee-farming families will carefully cultivate a strain of coffee for the unique and sometimes unusual flavors it presents when brewed. For this first release of the seasonal Origins blend, we selected two remarkable coffees: the Kenyan Twiga and the Colombian San Roque. We designed the blend to bring the unique origin flavors forward, adapting our roasting style to downplay the smoky flavors the roaster creates. As a result, fruity, natural flavors like lemonade and blackberry shine through.

Sometimes throughout the roasting and brewing process, we forget that these roasty beans and gritty grounds started out as the seeds of a juicy fruit. The Origins blend reminds us of the beans’ beginnings, and celebrates the bright, natural flavors of coffee. By changing the blend seasonally to highlight the freshest and sweetest-tasting coffees available, we’re getting back to the source of it all.

The Origins blend cupping notes include Lemonade, Blackberry, and Black Tea. Get this tasty new brew here.

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