3 Tips for Brewing a Solid Silverton Pourover


You’ve probably seen Silverton brewers on the counters of our cafes, and now you can have one at home! Part pourover brewer, part immersion brewer, these guys allow for great control over factors like time and temperature. Here are a few quick tips for brewing a great cup of coffee on a Silverton:

  1. Pre-heat, pre-heat, pre-heat! Glass doesn’t want to retain heat like ceramic does, so pour a little hot water through the Silverton before you start your brew. If you’re using a paper filter in addition to the built-in mesh filter, this fulfills the dual purpose of rinsing off the papery taste. Discard the excess water before you brew.
  1. As Mom would say, “Pour with confidence!” We want the coffee and water to be immersed together as long as possible to achieve a great full-immersion cup of coffee. Try to pour 320g of water evenly over the grounds within 30 seconds.
  1. Be patient with the brew. You have 4 minutes, so use them to clean up your coffee station, cook your eggs and toast, peruse the paper, and tell your dog you love him. Don’t agitate the grounds or fiddle with the filter. Just let coffee do what it wants to do – extract! Patience is key as you explore full-immersion brewing.

Get one of these unique, awesome brewers here. Have questions about Silvertons or making coffee in general? Shoot an email to social@lacolombe.net.

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3 Comments on 3 Tips for Brewing a Solid Silverton Pourover

  1. Hi there – what grind size do you recommend for the Yama Silverton? I have a Baratza Virtuoso but if you can tell me on a scale of 1-10 (fine-coarse) that would be great also. Thanks!!

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  2. Hey guys, now that summer is here, do you have a guide for how to use the silverton for cold brew? Have been searching all over and I can’t seem to find one anywhere.


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