If you’re serious about making good coffee at home, there are a lot of reasons you need a grinder. And not just any grinder – a burr grinder. This is not your mama’s grinder (she probably had a blade grinder).

Burr grinders contain abrasive surfaces (the burrs) that grind the coffee between them. Blade grinders, in contrast, “chop” the coffee haphazardly.

You already know that grinding fresh every morning is crucial to brewing tasty coffee, but here are 3 reasons why you need a burr grinder specifically:

  1. You can adjust the distance between the burrs and therefore adjust the grind size. In case you missed our last post, grind size matters.
  2. Burr grinders give you a more uniform particle size and better, more consistent extraction – which makes a better-tasting cup.
  3. Burr grinders treat your coffee well. You want to use the right tool for the job? Use a burr grinder!

Looking for a solid grinder for your home? Check out this one. Have questions about grinding, brewing, or beans? Shoot an email to



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