Organic farming involves managing natural resources responsibly, cultivating soil fertility, and supporting biodiversity, all without the use of synthetic chemical products. Organics are a small corner of the coffee industry, but an important one that we are happy to support.

Coffee farmers working organically have taken a risk in converting their production to organic, and by buying organic beans, we’re supporting and endorsing their sustainable efforts. Making a coffee farm eligible for organic certification is expensive, time-consuming, and leaves the coffee more vulnerable to disease and pests. Not all farmers are able to take on this risk, so in addition to supporting the organic coffee industry, we also support other forms of ethical and sustainable farming. However, what’s happening in the organic corner of the coffee industry is special and unprecedented, and we’re excited to be a part of it.

We launched our Organics line earlier this year, starting with two delicious blends, Rouge and Bleu, and decaf options. Bleu, a filter blend, is a dark roast with notes of milk chocolate and Rouge is an espresso blend, a medium roast with toasty notes of currants. Both are made entirely with USDA-certified organic coffee. Over the past few months, we’ve enjoyed working with the cooperatives in Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, and Ethiopia that are growing the organic coffee beans used in these blends.

In addition to growing organic coffee beans, the Honduran cooperative COCAFELOL is known for their extensive vermiculture (worm compost) project. They also produce their own organic foliant spray and mineralized fertilizer. This kind of sustainable self-sufficiency inspires and motivates us to find ways to treat the world and it’s inhabitants better.

The conversation around organic coffee is an interesting one, and we’re looking forward to talking more about it. Check back soon for more coffee talk.


  1. Fantastic to see and read about the different coffees around the world, I was born and raised in Papua New Guinea, we had Arabica coffee growing above 5000 Feet above Sea Level, Goroka Coffee is sold to Star Bucks you are able to buy the green pea roast there. Fabulous to read your news.

    Many Thanks,

    Paul Crozier

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