Here at La Colombe, we continue to take coffee to the next level. Sometimes to do that, you have to rethink your approach, and tear it all apart. With our new Draft Latte, we rebuilt the iced latte from the ground up: no heat, no water vapors, just a silky, beautiful latte pouring cold from a keg.

Draft Latte is our newest creation, and it’s the first of its kind: a creamy coffee-milk drink that is served on tap. It’s naturally sweet, with no sugar-added, and it pours out cold and frothy. It’s the ultimate iced latte, complete with a head of delicious microfoam.

If you visit our shops with Draft Latte, you’ll probably see a second tap handle on our draft system. We’re also pouring our Pure Black cold-pressed iced coffee. It was only natural that we would start putting the two drinks together to create the Pure Black & Tan, with cold brew on the bottom and Draft Latte floating on top.

If you haven’t tried these drinks yet, you need to get on it. They’re seriously good, and they’re only at La Colombe.



    1. Hello there!!! Now we have this amazing drinks in DC, at our Blagden and our Chinatown location (6th & Ist NW), looking forward to seeing you very soon.

  1. You need to come to Providence where people seriously love coffee. Remember our neighbors not that far to the north threw tea into the sea. We love coffee in Rhode Island.

  2. So good- I have had the draft latte 3 times now and frankly, I’m obsessed. I have no idea how many calories are in the latte, but I am so happy it is sugar free. I could drink this every day- LOVE IT!

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