Coffee Lingo: A toddy coffee

Toddy coffee: (n.) a retro name for cold brew.

Back in the 1960s, a man named Todd Simpson invented a coffee brewer for cold extraction. The brewer, named “The Toddy,” consists of a large plastic tub that fits on top of a carafe and uses a thick cloth filter to remove the coffee grounds. The coffee steeps in the upper chamber for anywhere from 12-16 hours (depending on desired strength), then filters down into the carafe, resulting in a smooth, clean cold brew. As this the first popular alternative to hot brewing, folks started referring to cold brews as “toddy coffee.” You can also add a Toddy cold brew concentrate to hot water for a smooth, less acidic hot coffee.

Don’t have a Toddy at home? Here’s a super easy cold brew recipe that you can make in a French Press!

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