You probably know this already but don’t think about it often: Coffee is a fruit that grows on a tree. Even though we call them coffee “beans,” they are actually the seeds of the red, juicy, cherry-like coffee fruit (and not beans at all, technically). During the harvest, the entire fruit is picked and either sent through a “pulper” to remove the fruit, or the seeds are dried inside the red, fruity outer layer. (Read more about those processes here.)

So why does this matter?

Well, it means that coffee has the potential to take on a diverse range of fruit flavors. Depending on the variety, the roast, and the brewing method, coffee can be brewed to taste like white grape, lemon zest, plum juice, strawberry jam, etc. Prior to the past decade or so, coffee was commonly roasted darker in order to make it taste like chocolate or caramel. But in recent years, roasters have started to pay more attention to the beans’ more flowery, naturally occurring flavors. Our Workshop line of coffees is all about exploring coffee’s fruity potential; we roast these single-origin beans lightly to bring out the fruit flavors. The goal is a unique brew that changes the way you think coffee is supposed to taste.

Want to see exactly what we mean about the fruity nature of coffee? Check out our Ethiopian Ardi, which we often refer to as a “fruit bomb.” If you’ve never tried a coffee that reminds you of fruit, this plummy, sweet brew will knock your socks off.


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