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We have a new coffee pack available for purchase on our site, and lemme tell ya, it’s a solid line-up. These three brews are great examples of standard-but-excellent coffees from each of their origin countries.

Here’s what makes these single-origins so solid:

El Mirador – Mexico

Coffees from Mexico are known for having medium body, with a nice balance of dry, acidy fruit flavors (like apple or citrus) and buttery caramel notes. Enhanced by the fertile volcanic soil in which it grows, our honey-processed El Mirador nails the typical Mexican coffee taste profile – then takes it to new heights.

Blue Diamond – Brazil

Brazilian coffees are known for a fuller body, with rich chocolate and nut flavors. The catuai variety used for this coffee is a hybrid dwarf plant known for its hardiness as plant and sweetness as a brew. The Blue Diamond is one of our more darkly roasted single-origins, so you can really taste the cocoa and nutty notes.

Savan Zombi – Haiti

This brew is not an example of typical Haitian coffee – it is a shining example of what Haitian coffee can be and what it is already becoming. After years of declining coffee production and quality, Haitian coffee is experiencing a renaissance that warms our hearts. With all the orange-caramel, sweet brightness of a washed typica, our Savan Zombi is some of the absolute best coffee we’ve tasted out of Haiti in many years.

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