Coffee Lingo: Café Au Lait


Café Au Lait: (n.) the ultimate coffee comfort drink.

One of the most classic, familiar coffee drinks, a café au lait generally consists of strong drip coffee mixed with warm milk. It’s different than a latte in that the milk isn’t textured and the base is drip coffee, rather than espresso. The café au lait is a widespread tradition in Europe, and in France, it’s generally served in large cups or bowls so that folks can more easily dip their pastries and breakfast items into the milky coffee. Get a café au lait and a nice sweet pastry to dip in it – it’ll sweeten your drink and you’ll be left with a dessert-like coffee to drink.

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1 Comment on Coffee Lingo: Café Au Lait

  1. can't read french, love this drink // May 15, 2016 at 4:04 pm // Reply

    Had this over at Shop 543 and was a very happy person.


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