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In 2015, La Colombe celebrated its 20th year. To mark the years that have past too fast for comfort, we wanted to roast a totally unique, badass single-origin – cue the Zambia Mbuni. This coffee is crazy sweet, almost like wine. The dry, desert-like microclimate where this coffee grows in Zambia allows the beans to dry on the tree, soaking up all the juicy coffee cherry fruit flavors. With a heavy body and syrupy sweetness, the Zambia Mbuni really shines when you brew it on a Chemex. To fully enjoy all the flavors of this special coffee, here’s how we’re brewing it:

  • Measure out 45g of the Zambia Mbuni (medium grind) and pour it into a rinsed filter.
  • Boil 765g of water to 204 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Pour in 90g of water to saturate the grounds and let them bloom for 30 seconds.
  • Begin pouring the rest of your water. Try to keep the level of water at a consistent height within the Chemex filter throughout the brew.
  • Total brew time should be around 3 minutes, 45 seconds. Once the last water drops, pull out the filter and take a big whiff of that fresh brew!

Pro-tip: Winter is coming…brew it over ice while you still can!


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