Peaberry: (n.) a coffee bean that just likes to chill by itself.

Coffee cherries normally develop with two seeds inside them, shaped like the familiar half-moon coffee beans you know and love. About 95% percent of beans like to grow this way – all cuddled up face to face inside the coffee fruit. But the other 5% are called peaberries. They just want to chill alone in their cherry, growing nice and round to fill out the space where there should have been a roommate bean. Pour out some of whatever beans you have handy and look for a smallish one that’s rounded on both sides. That’s a peaberry!


  1. Does it taste different with the regular coffee cherries? Once I heard some people brew this peaberry only for their coffee. However I never heard from them directly.

    1. No big difference in taste, but some roasters think the rounder beans roast more evenly so you get a more consistent flavor through the brew.

    1. As long as it’s stored in a dry, dark place in an airtight container, coffee doesn’t really “go bad.” But – the fresher the better! We notice that flavors start to drop off about two or three weeks after roasting.

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