We had a cold snap in Philly this past weekend and it reminded us that winter is coming on fast and furious. Time to grab your beanies and brew gear, ’cause you can’t let the weather keep you inside this season.

We’re kind of excited for the cold. Maybe it’s from hanging around Todd, someone who thrives in Arctic conditions (literally, he set a world record for trekking across Antarctica). Maybe it was watching the Iceland episode of Uncommon Grounds earlier this week. Whatever it is, there’s something motivating about this crispy-cool weather we’ve been having.

Something that’s going to keep us outdoors and active this winter is the Coffee Survivor Kit. This handy kit (which comes in a custom bag from our buddies at Fabric Horse) has everything you need to brew coffee on the go. It comes with its own fuel, so no firewood needed. You could brew up on a glacier, on a boat, wherever. Check out the video to see how it works, and we’ll see you out there:


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