Coffee Lingo: Cortado


Cortado:  (n.) one of the most photogenic coffee drinks of all time.

#DailyCortado might be a new social media phenomenon, but this tasty little coffee beverage is not. And there’s a reason people order one every day and feel compelled to take a picture: it’s delicious! At La Colombe, ordering a cortado will get you a double shot of espresso with an equal amount of microfoam steamed milk (sometimes a little more milk than espresso). Cortado is Spanish for “cut” and it’s called that because the purpose of adding the milk is to cut the strong flavor of the espresso by sweetening it up slightly. Try one next time you come in and who knows – maybe you’ll like it enough to make a #DailyCortado post!

Coffee-heads! What other coffee words would you like to see explained? Don’t answer right away. Go home, think about it, talk about it with your mailman, or your favorite bartender, then let us know.

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