Got Your Coffee Gifts Right Here

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Gift-giving season is coming up QUICK and you don’t wanna be caught unaware. How embarrassing would that be if you showed up to the office party without your White Elephant present? Luckily, just about everyone and their mom likes coffee and coffee-making stuff, so we’ve got you covered on this year’s gifts.

First up, the beans. We just launched our new Gift Subscriptions program, making it super easy to set up months of coffee happiness for your favorite coffee heads!

Coffee gift subs-1

Beans continued. It’s hard to go wrong with any of our Coffee Gift Boxes! Variety packs of sure-to-please coffees in a handsome package.

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For brewing gear and accessories, baristas know best. They’re the professionals, after all! So we turned to them to find out what presents real coffee lovers would give, and which ones they would love to get. Check out our full Barista Gift Guide or their top 3 picks below.

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Got a hard-to-shop-for coffee lover friend? Need a gift recommendation? Shoot us an email at



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