We are loving the line-up of single-origins currently pouring in our cafes. Our Workshop team, the folks who source and roast our single-origin brews, is making our hearts sing with these 5 super-solid coffees. We wanted to throw Workshop a little love, and tell you a bit about each brew. Here’s what’s up:

Colombia San Roque – notes of cherry cola, chocolate, and clementines. This is a classic, full-bodied Colombian with a nice burst of fruit.

Sumatra Red Badger – notes of pear, red wine, and juniper. These beans were wet-hulled in a processing method unique to Sumatra and dried in the sun, resulting in a lightly tart, syrupy brew.

Mexico Sierra Sur – notes of honeysuckle, roses, and canteloupe. This sweet Mexican brew shows the results of high-altitude growing with its bright, flowery flavors.

Kenya Ibutiti – notes of grapefruit, blackberry, and molasses. This stuff is the jams! With fruit notes and an earthy sweetness, it tastes like homemade preserves.

Panama Jaramillo – notes of coffee blossom, rose, and nectarine. With floral fragrances and stone fruit sweetness, this is the classic geisha.

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  1. I feel like I keep trying to make a chart in my head and memorize the coffees, notes, related brew methods. I just do not think I truly understand, for example, how a coffee ends up in workshop, meaning, does it depend mainly on the producers, time of year, negotiations, somewhat arbitrary and other factors?

    1. Our Workshop line is made up of our single-origin coffees, so coffees from one farm/estate/region. Our Classics & Reserves lines are blends of different origins, varieties, etc. Hope that helps!

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