“Somethin’ tells me,
It’s all happening at the zoo.
I do believe it,
I do believe it’s true.”

We feel you, Simon & Garfunkel! This week, we launched our newest coffee in collaboration with the Philadelphia Zoo. Introducing Vert! Certified organic and fair trade, this coffee’s impact extends well past your taste buds: $2 from every bag of Vert sold goes to support the Zoo’s gorilla conservation efforts.

Gorilla with Browse_Christina Demetrio

Gorillas, which live in some forested areas of Rwanda, are under ever-increasing pressure from de-forestation, disease, and human conflict. Though steps are being made to raise awareness of these magnificent primates in order to prevent further devastation, it’s possible they will go extinct in the wild. We’re proud to work with the Philly Zoo to support conservation awareness, education, and prevention of this reality.

Organic African coffees are rare, and this one is also exceptional in taste and body, with notes of cherry, grapefruit, and black tea. We always strive to be connected to origin, thoughtful of people, and mindful of the planet, so it’s a great feeling to roast a coffee that has so many considerations taken. Check out origin info for Vert here, and learn more about the Philly Zoo’s gorilla program here.

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