Mouthfeel: (n.)  well…it’s the way something feels in your mouth.

There are a bunch of words used to describe coffee that are downright goofy. “Mouthfeel” is one of them, but at least it’s pretty straightforward: it really just means how something (coffee, wine, etc.) makes the inside of your mouth feel, physically. Sometimes you’ll get an effervescent, tingly sensation from certain geisha, or a full-bodied Colombian might have a silky, buttery sensation. Just like wines, certain coffees can be “tannic,” giving your taste buds a drying feeling. It’s not so much about taste, but sensation.

How is your coffee making your mouth feel today?


  1. This might be crazy but my husband is a la colombe regular and this looks surprisingly like him. Do you have the full picture or know when this was taken? Thanks!

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