Forget the fitness resolutions, the real question is: What are you going to do to up your coffee game in 2016? In addition to the usual pledges to run more, drink less, save more, complain less, etc., etc., you can also make a Brew Year’s Resolution! We asked our Coffee Crew what kind of resolutions they would recommend to people at different levels of coffee mania: Low Key, Ramping Up, and Full Throttle.

Low Key

If you’re brand new to the world of coffee, you’ll want to develop your tastes and brewing skills some. Here are a few entry-level Brew Year’s Resolutions:

  • If you take cream and sugar, try your coffee black. It’s a great way to learn about the natural flavors of coffee.
  • Try a home-brewing method you haven’t used before. French press is great for beginners.
  • Go to one coffee-related event, whether it’s a cupping or a class or a convention. You’ll meet other budding coffee heads!

Ramping Up

If you’ve been paying attention to your coffee for a minute already, you’re ready to take that relationship to the next level. Here are some Brew Year’s Resolutions to help you turn your coffee up a notch:

  • Try coffees from 5 different origin countries. Our suggestions? Colombia, Ethiopia, Sumatra, Kenya, and Brazil.
  • Brew at home at least 3 days a week – FOR THE WHOLE YEAR!
  • Create your own recipe. Pick a brewing method, experiment with grind size, brewing time, water temperature, and let your own taste buds guide you to your personal perfect cup of coffee.

Full Throttle

If you’re already a full-blown coffee head, you gotta do something to really show your love for the beans. Some Brew Year’s Resolutions for folks who aren’t messing around:

  • Roast your own. Get some green beans from our friends at Sweet Maria’s and try your hand at roasting coffee at home.
  • Travel to origin. Make a connection and visit a coffee farm – you know you want to.
  • Do you really love the bean? Prove it with permanence: Get a coffee tattoo.
coffee tats.jpg
Our roaster James with his burr grinder and Italian barista Valentina Celeste’s caffeine molecule. Coffee for life!

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