90+: (adj.) nerd coffees; coffees that play roaster’s pet.

Being a coffee is not unlike being in high school: you’re always hoping for 100. Taste is incredibly subjective; different things taste completely different to different people, so in order to better compare coffees to each other, the Specialty Coffee Association of America developed an organized way of cupping and evaluating that uses a scoring system out of 100. Only coffees that score above an 80 are regarded as “specialty” coffees, and coffees that score above 90 (like our Panama Jaramillo Geisha) are considered “Outstanding” specialty coffees. So when someone says a coffee is “90+,” they basically mean it aced algebra…and it’s probably super tasty.


  1. very interesting. it’d be cool if you guys put the scores of your coffees on the website. for example, what does the YirgZ classify as?

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