Our newest coffee, the Ironman III Geisha from Panama, is not messing around. It came to win, and year after year, this coffee shows its strength in the cup and in competitions. Todd first bought a lot of the Ironman when he was in Panama in 2013, and when he brewed it at Big Eastern, it helped him earn the highest score in the country at regionals. We had to scoop up some more of these badass beans at the 2014 Best of Panama small lots auction, and after that, we knew we were hooked for good. We reached out to producer and farm owner Roberto Brenes so that we could build a direct relationship and offer this coffee year after year.

One of the most unique aspects of this coffee is its name. When we asked Roberto to tell us why he picked that name, he delighted us with the response: “Porque yo soy Ironman.” Because I am Ironman. An Ironman competitor himself, Roberto says the name is a testament to the resilience and strong competitive nature of this coffee – which consistently scores above 95.

Yeah, yeah, you just want to know how it tastes, right? Let me tell you – this year’s lot is what’s UP. Naturally processed and dried on raised beds, this geisha took on the major fruit sweetness of pomegranate and raspberry while maintaining the gloriously bright jasmine flavors that are typical of a really good geisha. It’s a small lot, so snatch it up quick!



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