Our newest coffee is one we are really proud of. It’s a beautiful thing when a brew tastes great AND has an amazing origin story. Our Rwanda Nyampinga is a lovely balance of bright citrus flavors and round, full sweetness (think chocolate). But it’s really the story behind the beans that we’re excited about.

Our second Rwandan of the season is produced by the Nyampinga Cooperative. “Nyampinga” is Kinyarwandan for “a beautiful woman who makes good decisions,” and it’s called that because the cooperative is made up entirely of women. Since 2013, the women of Nyampinga have been working on improving the quality and taste of their coffee, receiving training in agronomy and quality control from Sustainable Harvest Rwanda, an initative made possible by the financial support of Bloomberg Philanthropies.

This lot represents Nyampinga’s first export to the United States and we’re psyched to roast and offer it. With strong partnerships and hard work on both sides of the beans, we can help increase market access, support women earning their own livelihoods, and connect more people with these delicious beans.

Coffee + People. Truly a beautiful thing.

nyampinga chemex pour


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