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Daylight Savings is this weekend (don’t forget to spring forward), and we’re fixing to lose an hour. Luckily, coffee can help you catch up! If you make coffee at home, here are a few general brewing tips that’ll save you time:

  • Weigh it out. Scales are your friend! No more eyeballing, you can just quickly measure exactly how much coffee and water you need, and set them aside the night before. Measure out your dose of beans but wait to grind until right before you brew.
  • Make your water work for you. Heating the water is usually the most time-consuming part of brewing coffee at home. To speed it up, only heat as much water as you need for the brew, and use the time it’s heating to prep the rest of your coffee (grind your beans, rinse your filter, etc.).
  • Speaking of grind…if you’re pressed for time, go fine! The coarser your coffee is ground, the longer it will need to be in contact with the hot water in order to extract. Read more about why grind size matters here.

*Bonus time saver: Get a coffee subscription! Coffee delivered to your door as often as you need it, so you’ll never forget to pick it up at the store.



  1. With regard to the actual coffee pot (Chemex, glass drip pot, stove-top espresso, French press), do you rinse that pot after every brew with boiling water? every time before you switch to a different coffee?

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