What We’re Pouring: April

As you probably know, coffee is a fruit and just like strawberries and blueberries, it’s seasonal! A coffee’s season depends on its origin location, as well as the altitude at which is grows. Our Workshop line of single-origins is constantly changing as we get new seasonal brews in, and every month we switch up the pourover bars in our cafes. This month, we have a bright, gorgeous line-up of high-quality coffees:

Colombia El Faldon – the altitude of El Faldon coffee farm, and their meticulous approach to picking and processing beans, gives this coffee beautiful citrus notes and sugary finish.

Colombia San Roque – Colombian coffees are known for being smooth and balanced and this fully washed, sun-dried lot does not disappoint.

Ironman III Geisha – This award-winning, naturally processed geisha will knock you out with its bright, floral flavors and aromas.

If you don’t live near a cafe, you can still taste what we’re pouring this month! Get a pack with bags of all 3 brews, or a sampler tube set.


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4 Comments on What We’re Pouring: April

  1. In love with this coffee ! From copy cupp n keyboard

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  2. Trying to keep up // April 9, 2016 at 7:50 am // Reply

    What is Saturday’s Blend No. 1? Thanks for any info.

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  3. That El Faldon image is super cool. // April 28, 2016 at 9:18 pm // Reply

    How do you archive the artwork on your bags, if you don’t mind me asking. I guess you own the images, but, keep records of the various artists. It is just that people would probably put many of these images on their walls if they could. And, I saw a few images from 2013 online and the look and color has evolved. There is definitely some major art happening here.


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