Coffee On A Deserted Island


While we’re sitting around waiting for roasts to drop, we like to play games like “Never Have I Ever,” “Would You Rather,” and “What If.” Super mature, we know. Our latest round featured the question: “If you could only take one coffee to a desert island, which would you take and why?”

Here’s what our Coffee Crew had to say:

James-Tooil-Portrait-5James T.
*lead sourcer & roaster of Workshop single-origins

“I would take the Monaco blend because it’s smooth and chocolate-y, so it would taste great drinking it out of half a coconut. Also, it’s my wife’s favorite coffee, so if she was with me, she would enjoy it and if she wasn’t there, it would remind me of her.”




Giovanna-11Giovanna G.
*manager of La Colombe Fishtown

“I’d take the Haiti Mare Blanche so I could make cold brew. It’s pure chocolate-y, toffee deliciousness. I could drink that all day, erry-day, on my deserted island and never complain.”






Ben C.
*Philly cafe QC and coffee training

“My pick would be the Ethiopia YirgZ because of the complex flavors and heavy sweetness. It’s my favorite for Japanese-style brewing over ice, but it really tastes great on any brewer. Including an old sock, which I’m guessing would be the main brewing method on this desert island.”


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1 Comment on Coffee On A Deserted Island

  1. Looking forward to the Spring Organics! // April 11, 2016 at 10:59 pm // Reply

    As long as it would not infringe on native property rights or the environment, in any way, I would love to have even just one of those gorgeous mahogany trees with the Brazilian (This is a deserted island near Brazil.) Matilde growing under it, and, I would need to know how to keep that particular coffee bean growing. And, the island is deserted, so, I would not have to share the coffee.


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