A new month, a new bar line-up! Every month, we switch up what we’re serving on our Silverton pourover brewers. This month, we’re featuring three excellent South American coffees that showcase the best results of a range of flavors and processing methods.


Colombia San Roque – A low-key daily favorite. Colombian coffees are known for being smooth and balanced and this fully washed, sun-dried lot does not disappoint.

Colombia San Roque Reserve – Another great brew from the Ascociacion San Roque. This small lot represents the very best harvest this year, and kicks the game up a notch with poppin’ notes like hibiscus and kiwi.

Ironman III Geisha – Sometimes you gotta spring for the geisha. This one is naturally processed and grows at a higher altitude (half of the La Aurora coffee farm is a preserved highland rainforest). The processing lends red fruit notes like pomegranate and raspberry, while the altitude contributes to the floral notes like jasmine.

If you don’t live near a cafe, you can still taste what we’re pouring this month! Get a pack with bags of all 3 brews, or a sampler tube set.



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  2. Also, could you sometime list your other affiliated sites (even if it is an older site as a resource, like a Martha Stewart book you keep on a shelf), for example is there a slightly older event planning site that is affiliated officially? I don’t want to peruse anything you haven’t authorized. Thanks.

    1. The coffee world is vast, and there are a lot of opinions and techniques! Don’t write off any resources right away – even the professionals can get it wrong when it comes to recommending coffees and brewing for your personal tastes and preferences. This blog is our main resource/archive, or you can search Google for more coffee articles by our co-founder, Todd Carmichael.

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