The 5-Day Coffee Challenge


Have you been getting the same coffee drink every day for years? Fairly new to the coffee game?

Expand your palate and up your coffee knowledge in under a week with the 5-Day Coffee Challenge. By getting a different drink every day, you’ll learn about the different forms and flavors coffee can take on. Here’s a quick guide on how to order the drinks in our café shorthand, and how to pay attention to the taste and mouthfeel of each:



“Workshop Drip.” If you usually get the house drip, this is a great way to start trying new things. In addition to our classic dark-roast drip, Corsica, we offer a Workshop single-origin brew. These coffees exhibit the flavors of their origins – often tasting like fruits, flowers, nuts, and more. Our Workshop drip changes seasonally and we’re currently offering our Ethiopian Ardi. Often called “the gateway coffee,” Ardi’s strong flavors really emphasize the face that, yep, coffee is a fruit. Try Ardi without cream and sugar to really experience its unique taste.


“Nizza Macchiato.” After taking your first step down the coffee flavor rabbit hole, it’s nice to mellow out by re-exploring the classic coffee drinks. Our house espresso Nizza is a medium-roast, nutty, sweet blend roasted to go with milk or almond milk. Notice how well coffee and milk pair in the macchiato, how they each bring their own form of natural sweetness, and how the microfoam texture of the milk changes the way you taste and experience the drink. Add a bit of sugar if you want a true treat.

pblack on tap.jpeg


“Iced Pure Black.” Warmer weather is upon and cold brew is kickin’. Even if you think of yourself as a person who doesn’t like cold coffee, give our Pure Black on tap a try. Because it’s steeped in steel tanks for 16 hours and there’s no heat involved in the process, the cold brew takes on sweet, chocolatey flavors without any of the bitterness. (We also bottle this stuff.)


“Silverton Pourover.” Then take your pick. Our Silverton pourover bars always have a varied selection of single-origin coffees, brewed meticulously by the cup. Silverton pourovers are an awesome way to showcase our single-origins because they allow for a lot of control over the brewing variables, and our double paper and mesh filters make the flavors in the cup clean and pronounced.

latte-1 copy.jpg


“Latte.” It’s Friday – treat yourself. A latte or an almond latte is a comforting, classic coffee drink. If you’ve enjoyed your flavor exploration through the week, make it a Workshop Latte. Our current seasonal espresso, the Brazil Mahogany, has notes of coconut, fig, and macademia nut, and pairs great with milk. Think back to your Tuesday macchiato and notice the difference in the milk to coffee ratio. By trying different drinks, you can figure out which ratio tastes best to you.


Draft Latte.” If you haven’t had one, you should try it. It’s unlike any coffee drink you’ve tried before. It’s an iced latte made of cold-pressed espresso and whole milk that comes out of the tap foamy, frothy, and already cold.




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  1. thanks for any info // May 23, 2016 at 4:56 pm // Reply

    You may have already done this in the online shopping coffee descriptions, but, can you just review in brief the draft latte, black ‘n’ tan, and the black, cold brew, and which one is most teen friendly (without judgment from non-coffee culture families), and how I make the simple syrup at home (it’s true, I have an idea, but, I am not positive).


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