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We’re getting into warmer weather and maybe you’re looking to update your daily coffee drink. You can go for the standard, delicious cold brew (always a solid summer choice), or you can expand your palate and explore a new iced coffee drink: espresso over sparkling water and ice.

You may have been to a shop where they serve a glass of sparkling water alongside a shot of espresso. (Our friends at ReAnimator Coffee do this.) The sparkling water serves as a palate cleanser, a nice way to rinse your taste buds between sips of ‘spro and better taste the nuanced flavors in it, as well as to help your mouth feel fresh after an espresso shot. But what if you put the espresso IN the sparkling water?

Meet your new favorite summer drink. It’s a quad (two double shots) of espresso (we recommend opting for our Workshop single-origin ‘spro) over a glass of sparkling water and ice. When the ‘spro hits the sparkling, the crema goes crazy, creating an awesome cascade and a frothy head like a beer (or like a Draft Latte). It’s especially good when made with our Ethiopian YirgZ single-origin espresso – the sparkling water really opens up all the fruit flavors and makes them pop. It’s light, it’s bright, it’s like a coffee soda.

Give it a try and let us know what you think. Stay cool, folks!


  1. Ooooh, yum. We want to visit your friends-heard they have a neat setup to see behind the scenes. Thanks for cold coffee beverage ideas to beat the heat and humidity.

  2. Put iced black coffee with vanilla creme seltzer water, got the cool foam head you described and showed, and I think it tastes good. Thanks.

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