1. Hello bloggers-This video is great and helpful, but that person looks so cool that I would never ever ask them my stupid coffee questions, so let’s pretend that the LC company as a whole is not just way cooler than their customers. Also, some of us had Lotus 1-2-3 as a class in college, so if the tech gets too much more sophisticated, I just cannot handle it, since I’m already in way over my head reading about first wave, middle wave (2nd wave) and third wave of coffee.

  2. Oh, yes, that coffee shop at URBN or in front of Shop 543 is so special, but, I never know how to say the name. Know, you all are busy but can you spell it phonetically so I can get it straight once and for all. I recommend their café au lait (sorry for the misspelling) which I say ole!

  3. Ooh, a tweet went a little political recently, so, I felt an opening to put forth a statistic that has been haunting me. A major American newspaper recently reported that the current estimate of enslaved human beings world wide is 46million. I know that humans are smart enough and connected enough to get that number to 0.

  4. Japanese Iced Coffee by another name, but just as tasty. I’m going to guess you really don’t NEED to use a Chemex rig, right? 😉

    Now, if I could find a nice easy Vietnamese iced coffee recipe. And a phin…

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