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When Todd dreamed up Draft Latte in cans, we knew it wasn’t the culmination of the journey. Draft Latte is not the destination, it’s the vehicle, and it has infinite potential. With a solid, perfect base of nutrient-rich, lactase-free milk and cold-pressed espresso, this drink is ready to carry forward our unending flavor innovation and experimentation.

Here’s the first installment of that flavor innovation: Introducing Vanilla Draft Latte. A true, authentic vanilla latte, with the same frothy texture as Original Draft Latte – touched up with a splash of real vanilla and a touch of maple sweetness. It’s awesome, and it’s not like any vanilla-flavored drink you’ve ever had – it’s way, way better. This is the taste you get when the ingredients are real, natural, and pronounceable. Oh, and it doesn’t need to be refrigerated prior to opening so it goes anywhere with you.

Don’t settle for less than awesome. Expect more from your coffee. Expect more Draft Latte flavors from us. Our next flavor innovation drops Tuesday, 8/23.

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