Triple Draft Latte is Amazing x3

Since launching Draft Latte, we’ve been talking a lot about it – but more importantly, we’ve been listening. More specifically, we’ve been listening to YOU. From launch day on, we’ve been hungry for feedback, taking notes and adapting our recipes, packaging, and future flavor plans in order to more fully satisfy your wildest coffee dreams.

One thing we heard over and over in response to Draft Latte: MORE COFFEE. We realized that while the smooth, easy taste of original Draft Latte pleased most latte drinkers, there is a whole world of hardcore coffee heads whose caffeine cravings were less than satisfied. These are the people that get an extra shot of espresso with whatever they’re drinking, who live suspended in a perpetual state of mild caffeination. Extra Shot Espresso Heads: Triple Draft Latte is for you.

It’s the same base as original Draft Latte – nutrient-rich, lactose-free milk and cold-pressed espresso – but it packs an extra punch and a touch of cane sugar. Triple Draft Latte has (you guessed it) 3 shots of espresso and a stronger coffee taste. For those who crave that extra shot, who want to go the extra mile. Or three extra miles.

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3 Comments on Triple Draft Latte is Amazing x3

  1. You said “lactase-free”, should say, “lactose-free”


  2. Get a life Dan.


  3. Barbara Morgan // September 16, 2016 at 8:43 pm // Reply

    Why is it not for sale? It was…..then they ran out… when will it be back?


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