Science Says: Coffee For Hangovers


The solution to any problem is usually the simplest one. Hungover? Forget the raw eggs or whatever – science proved that your grandpa had it right. Coffee with aspirin is the ultimate hangover cure.*

Scientists in Philadelphia (whoop whoop, Philly represent!) discovered that caffeine, alongside anti-inflammatories like aspirin or ibuprofen, were the simplest, most effective way to block the headaches associated with hangovers. The ethanol in alcohol can produce a chemical called acetate, which is suspected as the cause of hangover headaches. The study showed that doses of caffeine and anti-inflammatories blocked the acetate and relieved the symptom.

BONUS: Turning to coffee for comfort after booze did you dirty may also help your liver. Another study found that drinking two extra cups of coffee was associated with a 44% lower risk of developing cirrhohis. Compared to a baseline of no coffee consumption, researchers estimated one cup a day was tied to a 22% lower risk of cirrhosis. Three cups? 57%. Four cups?! 65%.

So if you’re hungover, drink up! Coffee can help with that.

Pro Tip: Try a darker roast or cold brew. The lower acidity is gentler on stomachs.

*We’re not health professionals, we just just have a lot of experience consuming coffee and alcohol. Everyone’s body responds to these beverages differently. Coffee might not agree with you when you’re hungover. Listen to your body, drink a lot of water before and after drinking alcohol, and maybe just keep it pretty chill in general.
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7 Comments on Science Says: Coffee For Hangovers

  1. Restless Mind // September 2, 2016 at 10:40 am // Reply

    My personal mantra is: Coffee a day keeps the doctor away 🙂
    I drink coffee for my sanity as well as for the safety of people around me (me-coffee=danger to public safety). With coffee solving hangovers, more love to coffee!


  2. To be honest, i tried Coffee many times in hangover but it only helps a bit. But your point on taking it with anti-inflammatories like aspirin, increase its effect, that’s nice news, Will try this next time. Also by checking it lower risk of developing cirrhosis, Now i have another reason to drink coffee more for health benifits.


  3. It’s astounding how long it took science to catch up to the the people who know that coffee has super-powers!


  4. More power to coffee! Also, coffee > alcohol


  5. I love the foot note! Haha! I believe every word, coffee is a cure for everything


  6. Coffee is always my trusted hangover cure!


  7. Interesting! I drink lots of coffee on some days I can drink up to 5 cups a day if not just one. Coffee has done me well throughout my years. Besides my breaking out on my face


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