We just launched our new, vastly improved coffee packaging. Not only does it have more art and details about the beans inside, it’s also way better for the environment! When we changed the packaging, we also changed up the way our coffees are organized. You’ll find the same blends and single-origins you know and love, just under different headings. Here’s the breakdown:

Cornerstone Coffees: These are the blends on which La Colombe was built. The coffees that have stood since the beginning, changing your expectations of how good coffee can taste. These specialty blends are carefully sourced and expertly roasted for deep flavors, balance, and drinkability. You’ll find our classic blends like Nizza, Corsica, Monaco, Savoia, Phocea, and Monte Carlo in this category.
Alliance Coffees: These blends are rich in flavor, story, and reason. Each one is created with a cause or region in mind, meant to draw awareness or support to the issue and areas closest to our hearts. We believe the coffee, when done right, can change the world. You’ll find For Haiti, Afrique, Louisiane, and Lyon in Alliance Coffees.
Workshop Coffees: This category stayed pretty much the same! These are the unique, single-origin lots that we hand-source, hand-roast, and hand-brew to create flavors that push the boundaries of coffee. Check out our current seasonal coffees from a variety of origin countries.
Organic Coffees: These are carefully roasted blends made with USDA-certified organic beans. Continuing our commitment to supporting the small but strong organic coffee industry, the origins in the blends change seasonally while the great taste stays the same.

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  1. Don’t get the new packaging. At all. Why not something useful, like a reclosable zipper-top? Now, I’m either keeping a clunky box which gets in the way (and I still have to clip-top the plastic inner-pack to keep the coffee fresh) or I’ve got an unmarked, unattractive plastic bag sitting on my counter. So, more packaging (more waste) and less utility. What part of “vastly improved” am I not getting?

  2. I also dislike the new packaging. I keep each bag of coffee in an airtight container. Three problems:

    1. The new bag is anonymous so I need to take part of the box’s label and stick it in the container so can tell what’s there. That makes it inconvenient.

    2. The new bag is transparent so it does not protect the coffee from light.

    3. The new bag has no way to close and seal.

    Above you talk about sustainability. I don’t see this. You have added extra packaging!

    Dr B above has it right.

  3. Cornerstone has a blue box. Alliance boxes are red. Workshop packages are beige and can be a box or a bag. Organic boxes are green. Got it.

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