Coffee and chocolate, it’s a natural pairing. Cacao and coffee cherries are sister seeds, and in many parts of the world, they share the mountainside. Some of the best chocolate grows in mountainous regions up to an altitude of around 1300 feet, and up from there, the really good coffee harvests start.

To honor the deep, dark notes of our favorite blends, we use natural dark chocolate in Mocha Draft Latte. This stuff is the real deal – it’s not from a lab, it’s pure, fresh-brewed cocoa. We use minimal processing, taking the cocoa from its dry form to a rich, liquid dark chocolate that we add to a fresh can of Draft Latte. The frothed milk, the cold-pressed espresso, and the dark chocolate come together to form something that’s not a coffee, not chocolate milk – it’s so much more than that.

It used to be that a really good mocha, one with the full flavor and mouthfeel of fresh dark chocolate and frothy steamed milk, couldn’t be enjoyed outside of the café. With this portable can that froths the ingredients inside, those days are over. You can have your coffee and drink it too – wherever you want.

Mocha just went mobile.



    1. Bevnet mentions the following in an online article dated 3/4/16:
      120 cal.,
      2g cane sugar,
      12g sugar from frothed milk,
      9oz. (266ml.) can with LC cold-pressed espresso,
      LC states nutritionists determined at least 7g protein,
      shelf life 180 days, does not have to be refrigerated.

  1. Hi Darci – our nutritional info is located on the cans, but is not currently updated on the website. Is there something particular you’re looking for?

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