A Year in Coffee


Cold Coffee on the Go

We introduced the world to the first ever Draft Latte, and then got them hooked on Mocha, Vanilla and Triple. Shop Draft Latte


New Places to Find Us

We opened 8 new, beautiful cafes in cities including Boston, Washington DC and Chicago. Come Visit Us


Making Draft Latte for the Country

We bought a plant in Michigan, dedicated to producing Draft Latte, and now our product can be purchased at retailers nationwide. Check it out


America Deserves Better Packaging

With the planet in mind, we created a new, more environmentally-friendly package that is focused on being transparent. Shop our Coffee

About La Colombe Coffee Roasters (511 Articles)
Take life to the next level. Everyone deserves cafe quality coffee, anywhere. #CafeAnywhere

2 Comments on A Year in Coffee

  1. Thanks and Happy New Year! // January 5, 2017 at 7:05 am // Reply

    Happy 2017! Polar vortex? Any vortex – my LC coffees keep me smiling down to my toes.


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