Wake up and smell the… tea?


While the title might suggest doubling your morning calorie intake or adding another meal like something out of a Tolkien novel, we really just love waking up to the tea that pairs best with breakfast.


With a million different breakfast options, it helps that our Yunnan Breakfast Black Tea is truly versatile. The malty, full-bodied flavors of the steep stands up to the richness of buttery pastries like scones and croissants.


While subtle hints of lemon zest notes complement healthier options, like fruit and yogurt. Especially with less acidic fruits, (like clementine) which bring out some of the tea’s subtle tart citrus notes.

Adding milk or honey is a common way to sweeten tea, but often masks the tea’s true flavor. However, the hint of sweetness and malty notes in the Yunnan Black tea complement added sweeteners while allowing the tea’s richness to shine through.


We’re always interested in what our fans think, and the different combinations and parings you guys come up with. Tell us in the comments and we might make some ourselves!


  1. For breakfast, toast goes so well with the black tea using your favorite bread, sliced, toasted and spread with melted, European-style butter combined with ground cinnamon. Lightly sprinkle the toast with cinnamon sugar for a touch of sweetness. Traditional and tasty with a perfect crunch with the black tea. (Also, a great snack!) If you want, stick a cinnamon stick in the tea, too, to enhance the pairing. Loving the black tea, thanks.

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