Twenty three years ago, two young entrepreneurs took a leap of faith. These two renegades set out to deliver on one simple, but profound promise: America Deserves Better Coffee. By sourcing and roasting with care, and borrowing from ancient and modern coffee traditions, Todd and JP created La Colombe.
? Today is our twenty third birthday. ?
Yes, we’ll have a party and yes we’ll have cake—but we also really want to celebrate Todd and JP’s experience as young entrepreneurs.

Every business starts out with barriers and problems that seem impossible to overcome. So you may be thinking… back in ’94, what was Todd and JP’s single biggest challenge?

“Our biggest challenge, when we started La Colombe, was explaining to customers what a latte was—what a cappuccino was.” – Todd Carmichael
That’s it. Educating consumers on what we make. Now today that problem might seem minute compared to explaining how our Innovalve™ works or when #LaColombeLA is officially opening. But we continue to strive towards perfection and won’t let any bump in the road stop us. Because, in the words of Todd, “nothing is ever finished,” but everyday we get one step closer to bringing America the better coffee they deserve.



  1. Happy birthday, LC!

    Maybe the two founders, when they can or with a ghost writer, could write a book about staying together as best friends and business partners.

    They make it look easy and maybe they are both terrific communicators, but, probably a lot of different long-term relationships could benefit from such a book.


  2. I was babysitting my grand baby who lives right on Rittenhouse. After a long day and night of caring for him, I looked forward to that cup of coffee (la colombe of course)first thing in the morning. Low and behold , no beans! OMG. I dashed off to La Colombe Rittenhouse to get my much needed fuel.
    The barista couldn’t have been more understanding.
    He served me promptly, and then asked me to wait a minute. He presented me with a ground pound of coffee and smiled and said.” This is your coffee for tomorrow!”
    I thanked him and scurried off in my pjs. I was so appreciate and it meant a lot to me.
    Thank you so much Rittenhouse La Colombe
    You rock.

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